Public videos of talks and presentations

MIT World РOct 2009 РCarbon and Energy Efficient Supply Chains 

Companies are trying to quantify the carbon footprint of the products they deliver. This lecture gives an overview of the various challenges and opportunities ahead in the area of supply chain carbon footprint.

Sterling Commerce – June 2010 – Supply Chain Collaboration

Globalization is impacting collaboration, changing the way supply chains operate and the way partners engage. A series of ideas on how emerging nations have forever changed the way innovation is developed and pushed through the supply and value chain.

NextLab – July 2010 – Mobile Logistics

An introduction of the value of using mobile phones as a logistics enabler in emerging markets.

Crossroads @ MIT – April 2010 – Supply Chains and the Environment

A series of lectures on the four environmental metrics in every supply chain scorecard: water, ghg, energy and natural resources.