Invited Talks at Public Events


March 2012, “Supply Chain Innovation: An Emerging Market Perspective,” Mexico City.

March 2012, “Megacity Logistics in Emerging Markets,” IX Congreso Latinoaméricano IIE, Bogota, Colombia.

April 2012, “Small Store Delivery in Megacities: Insights from Colombia and Ecuador,” ESCF Annual Forum, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

June 2012, “City Logistics: An Emerging Markets Perspective,” World Bank: Decoding Sustainable Logistics Trends, Washington DC.

July 2012, “Megacity Logistics,” MOPTA 2012, Lehigh University.

August 2012, “Megacity Logistics,” XVIII International Logistics Forum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

October 2012, “Megacity Logistics: A big data perspective,” 2012 MIT Auto-ID Lab Big Data Conference, Cambridge, MA, USA.

October 2012, “Megacity Logistics,” Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador.

November 2012, “Transforming Humanitarian Supply Chains,” UNAB, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

December 2012, “Megacity Logistics in Latin America,” CISLOG: II Novas Fronteiras & Desafios da Logistica, Saõ Paulo, Brazil.


Feb 2011, “Private Sector Perspective of Panama as a Hub,” Panel moderator Latin American Cities Conference, Panama, Panama.

May 2011, “Developing Carbon Metrics for Truckload Transportation Procurement,” 22nd Annual Production and Operations Management Society Conference, Reno, NV.

June 2011, “Developing Sustainable Freight Transportation in Latin America: Leveraging Supply Chain Dynamics,” Foro de Transporte Sostenible para América Latina, Bogota Colombia.

June 2011, “Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets: New Perspectives,” Congreso Internacional de Logística y Supply Chain, Medellín, Colombia.

August 2011, “The Evolution of Supply Chain Management,” 17o Encuentro de Gerentes de Logística de la ANDI, Cali, Colombia.

September 2011, “Supply Chain Innovation: An Emerging Markets Perspective,” Biz Fit 2011, Panama City, Panama.

September 2011, “Challenges in Urban Logistics in Latin America,” TURBLOG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

October 2011, “Defining a Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy,” CSCMP Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

October 2011, “Megacity Logistics in Emerging Markets,” USP Annual Logistics Event, São Paulo, Brazil.

November 2011, “A Vertical Differentiation Model of Product Carbon Labels” and “Measuring Carbon Emissions and its Impact in Supply Chain Performance,” INFORMS Annual Conference Charlotte, NC.

November 2011, “Network and Nodes: The Future of Moving Stuff,” BSR Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.


May 2010, “Variability in Product Carbon Labels,” POMS Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

May 2010, “Why Green is Not Always Local,” TED x Cambridge, Cambridge, MA.

May 2010, “Innovation in Supply Chain Management,” ECOPETROL Technology Forum, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

July 2010, “Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets: A New Perspective,” ICPR Americas, Bogotá, Colombia.

July 2010,“Climate Change and Supply Chains,” EPA Regional Leadership Forum on Ports and Goods Movement, Baltimore, MD.

August 2010, “Supply Chain Innovation in Emerging Markets,” I Congreso Internacional de Logística y Cadenas de Suministro, Guadalajara, México.

September 2010, “Sustainable Supply Chains: A Source of Innovation,” CSCMP Annual Conference 2010, San Diego, CA, USA.

October 2010, “Supply Chain Management for a Better Environment,” Harvard Business Review Webinar, Boston, MA (with Professor Yossi Sheffi).

November 2010, “Measuring Carbon Emissions from Intermodal Freight Operations,” INFORMS Annual Conference, Austin, TX.


November 2005, “Riesgo, Resiliencia y Seguridad en la Cadena de Suministro,” Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

May 2006, “Humanitarian Supply Chains: A Review,” POMS, Boston, MA.

October 2007, “Emerging Market Supply Chains,” CSCMP, San Diego, CA.

February 2008, “Carbon & Energy Efficient Supply Chains,” Green Transportation & Logistics World Summit, Zurich, Switzerland.

February 2008, “Carbon & Energy Efficient Supply Chains,” DHL International Green Day, Bonn, Germany.

March 2008, “Carbon & Energy Efficient Supply Chains,” GE Energy Annual FTL Carrier Conference, Greenville, NC.

March 2008, “Low Cost Supply Chains,” Intel Low Cost Supply Chain Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

April 2008, “Carbon Efficient Supply Chains,” Transplace Shippers Annual Conference, Bentonville, AK.

June 2008, “Carbon Efficient Supply Chains,” CSCMP WERC Conference, San Diego, CA.

July 2008, “Energy Efficient Supply Chains,” Panel moderator on FFCA East Coast Conference, New York City Convention Center, NY.

August 2008, “Green Supply Chains,” LOGyCA-CLI Event, Bogotá, Colombia.

September 2008, “Sustainable City – An Energy Perspective”, Forum Bogotá 2020, Bogotá, Colombia.

September 2008, “Carbon Efficient Supply Chains,” CLAIO 2008, Cartagena, Colombia.

September 2008, “Carbon Efficient Supply Chains,” ANDI Annual Event, Cali, Colombia and at Supply Chain 50 Meeting, New York, NY.

October 2008, “Carbon Efficient Supply Chains,” CSCMP 2008, Denver, CO

December 2008, “Deconstructing the SmartWay Program,” EPA International SmartWay Summit. Ann Arbor, MI

January 2009, “Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain,” Supply Chain of the Future, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA.

February 2009, “Carbon-Efficient Supply Chains: Issues and Perspectives,” IST, Lisbon, Portugal.

May 2009,  “Complex Systems Modeling of the EPA Smartway Program”, “CABASnet EPCIS: A Collaboration Platform for Multistakeholder RFID Deployments,” and “Retail Distribution Strategies in Emerging Markets,” POMS 2009 Conference, Orlando, FL USA.

May 2009,  “Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets,” International Symposium in Supply Chain (ADEX & CSCMP), Lima, Perú.

August 2009, “Supply Chain Innovation: A Latin-American Perspective,” PUCV, Santiago, Chile.

August 2009, “Supply Chain Innovation: A Latin-American Perspective,” UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

August 2009, “Supply Chain Innovation: A Latin-American Perspective,” EAFIT 30 Años, Medellín, Colombia.

September 2009, “Learning to Compete in Emerging Markets,” Panelist CSCMP Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, USA

October 2009, “Estimating Carbon Emissions from Transportation: The Shipper’s Perspective,” INFORMS, San Diego, CA, USA.

October 2009, “Supply Chain Innovation in Emerging Markets,” ExpoLogistica, Panama, Panama.

October 2009, “Supply Chain Innovation in Emerging Markets,” Academic Leaders ITESM, Guadalajara, México.

October 2009, “Sustainable Supply Chains,” Walmart Canada Transportation Conference, Toronto, Canada.

October 2009, “Supply Chain 2020,” A New Logistics Frontier Conference, Petrobras University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

November 2009, “Carbon & Energy Efficient Supply Chains,” IDB Transport Week, Sao Paulo, Brazil.