thesis advised by type in chronological order as of december 2011

Doctoral Theses


Barros, Ana, “Decision Support Framework for Supply Chain Collaboration,” November 2011. IST Lisbon, Portugal; co-supervised with Prof. Ana Povoa.

Craig, Anthony J., “A Decentralized Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Measuring Supply Chain Carbon Efficiency,” June 2012. ESD, co-supervised with Prof. Yossi Sheffi.

Velásquez-Martínez, Josue C., “Including Carbon Emissions In The Facility Location Problem By Using A Multi-Objective Optimization Solution Approach”, expected June 2013. Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey-CEM, México; co-supervised with Prof. Jaime Mora.

Caballero, Sergio, “Megacity Logistics in Emerging Markets: The Mexico City Context,” Expected December 2014. Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey-CEM, México; co-supervised with Prof. Karla Valenzuela.

Zambuzi, Nathalia, “Micro-simulation of Logistics Operations in São Paulo,” Expected December 2014. USP, Brazil; co-supervised with Prof. Claudio Barbieri Cunha.

Lee, Yin Jin, “Urban Logistics,” Expected December 2015. ESD, co-supervised with Prof. Christopher Zegras.


Czaika, Ellen, “Multi-Actor, Model-Using Sustainability Decisions with High Evaluative Complexity,” Expected December 2013. Reader; ESD, Supervisor Prof. Noelle Selin.

Meckenstock, Johan, “Complexity in sustainable agro-commodity chains,” Expected June 2014. Reader. IST Lisbon, Portugal; Supervisor Prof. Ana Povoa.

Master’s Theses

Gutiérrez-Millán, Freddy Adolfo, “Estudio del problema de programación de la producción en una planta embotelladora cervecera,” 1997. (Universidad de los Andes)

Sweat, Sean, “Transportation Context of Latin American Logistics,” June 2008. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Tan, Kwan Chong, “Stimulating Carbon Efficient Supply Chains: Carbon Labels and Voluntary Public Private Partnerships,” June 2009. (ESD Technology and Public Policy)

Weller, Christian, “Carbon Footprints in Global Supply Chains – A Life Cycle Assessment in the Food Industry,” March 2010. (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany; co-supervised with Prof. Dr. Helm)

Bhaumik, Vijan, “Supply Chain Practices in the Context of an Emerging Economy,” June 2010. (ESD System Design and Management Program)

Savannet, Santolina, “Evolution of the Mobile Supply Chain: The Case of Ecuador,” June 2010. (ESD Technology and Public Policy, co-supervised with Prof. Charlie Fine)

Maya, Natalia, “Policy Recommendations to Improve the Competitiveness of Small Scale Farmers in Colombia through Information and Communication Technologies,” September 2010. (ESD Technology and Public Policy)

Zampieri, Filippo, “The Impact of Third Party Logistics in Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies,” December 2010. (IST, co-supervised with Prof. Ana Póvoa)

Garza, Jaime, “Go-To-Market Strategies in Emerging Markets,” June 2011. MIT ESD System Design and Management Program.

Vögele, Marco, “Supply Chain Innovations in Megacities”, September 2012. KIT, Germany; co-supervised with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Furmans.

MEng Theses

Akkihal, Anup Roop, “Inventory Pre-positioning for Humanitarian Operations,” June 2006.

Davidson, Anne Leslie, “Key Performance Indicators in Humanitarian Logistics,” June 2006.

Ford Jr., Daniel J., “Inbound Freight Consolidation:  A Simulation Model to Evaluate Consolidation Rules,” June 2006.

Koliousis, Ioannis G., “Analysis of Sourcing & Procurement Practices: A Cross Industry Framework”, June 2006.

Cao, Elaine Phu, “Decision Making in the HIV/AIDS Supply Chain,” June 2007.

Korchagin, Roman Viktorovich and Becker, Deborah Eugenia, “Rapid Replenishment at a Consumer Product Goods Manufacturer,” June 2007.

Lam, Sheau Kai and Melofchik, Vanessa, “Strategies for an Integrated US Industry Response to a Humanitarian Disaster,” June 2007.

Yea, Young-bai Michael and Hui, Zou, “Replenishment Prioritization of Highly Perishable Goods: A Case Study on Nuclear Medicine,” June 2007.

Andrieu, Nellie & Weiss, Lee, “Transport Mode and Network Architecture: Carbon Footprint as a New Decision Metric,” June 2008.

Bowman, Peyton, “Energy Efficient Logistic Parks,” Zaragoza Logistics Center, June 2008.

Macan, Nicholas, “Carbon Reduction in Supply Chains: The Strategic Case,” June 2008.

Palathinkal, Don J., “Strategies for High Volume Supply Chains in India,” June 2008.

Agudelo, Isabel, “Supply Chain Management in the Cement Industry,” June 2009.

Delgado, Marcela, “Global Logistics Parks,” Zaragoza Logistics Center, June 2009. (co-supervised with Dr. Jarrod Goentzel)

Singh, Hem, “An Analysis of Long-Term Agreements with Suppliers in Lockheed Martin’s Commercial Satellite Systems Division,” June 2009.

Agbonkhese, Sophie, “Achieving Economic Returns from an Environmental and Socially Sustainable Supply Chain,” June 2010.

Castaño, Andres, “Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy,” Zaragoza Logistics Center, June 2010.

Chow,Kendall and Ng, Joshua, “Sustainable Packaging in Retail Delivery,” June 2010.

Muñoz, Daniel and Rivera, Liliana, “Panama Development and its impact in the Latin American Port System,” June 2010.

Keane, Emily and Mulvey, Erin, “Design of a Scalable Reusable Carton Packaging Program for Office Supplies at MIT,” June 2011.

Marks, Emmanuel and Seminario, Carlos, “Defining Performance Metrics in a Cold Supply Chain,” June 2011.

Khandekar S. and Titova A., “Optimizing Distribution Models to Service Emerging Growth Formats,” June 2012.

Bailey, Drake and Skempton, Daniel, “Communicating Optimization Results to Business Decision-Makers”, Expected June 2013.

Bruce, Sarah L., “The Biofuel Supply Chain through a Green Lens,” Expected June 2013. Co-supervised with Dr. Alexis Hickman.

Ochoa-Gonzalez, Arturo, “Continuous Improvement at a Multinational Company – Dealing with Uncertainty on the Global Supply Chain and Analyzing Implementation Dynamics,” Expected June 2013. MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program.

Bachelor’s Theses

Helou-Helo, Jean Claude, “Análisis y simulación del Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado y del sistema de control aéreo de Santafé de Bogotá ,” 1995. (Universidad de los Andes)

Gutiérrez-Millán, Freddy Adolfo, “El perfil del bachiller colombiano : una descripción a través del análisis estadístico multivariado, a partir de sus características socio-económicas y su relación con las pruebas de Estado,” 1995. (Universidad de los Andes)

Alfaro-Villa, Liliana, “Simulación de una solución al problema de vivienda social,” 1996. (Universidad de los Andes)

Herrera-Navarro, Joaquín Ignacio, “Estudio de simulación de una oficina de servicios de una corporación de ahorro y vivienda,” 1996. (Universidad de los Andes)

Garnica-Eljaiek, Leonardo, “Estudio del sistema de producción de la planta de Trefilería de Emcocables S. A.,” 1996. (Universidad de los Andes)

Cabas-Rosales, Eduardo, “Análisis y simulación del tráfico telefónico para GRIVAL S. A.,” 1996. (Universidad de los Andes)