Sustainability Featured Projects

Leaders in Environmental Assessment & Performance. A consortium based research activities bringing together organization across the supply chain spectrum to design environmentally driven supply chains. In collaboration with the Material Systems Laboratory.

Green Galapagos

(New) What is the carbon footprint impact of tourism in the Galapagos Islands? In collaboration with Ximena Cordova.

Carbon-Efficient Transportation & Logistics

(New) A guide to implementing cost and environmental efficient strategies in logistics and transportation. Featuring real-company case studies. Sponsor: Environmental Defense Fund.

Designing battery recycling

(New) Using postponement and network optimization principles to design future battery recycling networks. In collaboration with Eva Ponce.


(New) A simple mapping tool to evaluate carbon footprints in global supply chains. Sponsored by MIT CTL in collaboration with Chris Caplice.
An in-depth analysis of the carbon footprint of a banana grown in Central America and sold in Europe and North America. Sponsor: Chiquita Brands International.
Comparison of carbon footprint calculations using low and high-resolution logistics and transportation data. In collaboration with Damco.
A study comparing the environmental impact of regular delivery vs. online delivery. In collaboration with Relay Foods.
A research report on the dynamics of the EPA SmartWay program.
A handout describing challenges of supply chain carbon footprint using a "lunch box" theme.