About LEAP

The Global Leaders in Environmental Assessment and Performance ( LEAP) is a consortium of organizations working through research and collaboration to integrate their product & process with their supply chain strategy to achieve superior environmental performance.

The LEAP consortium focuses on the following focus areas:

  • Management tools for assessing, controlling, and communicating your environmental impact.
  • Knowledge of many of the world’s top experts in supply chains, sustainability, and corporate strategy.
  • Prioritization product and supply chain strategies in order of their effectiveness at reducing long-term environmental impact.
  • Tradeoffs between different measures of environmental performance.
  • Opportunity for environmental improvement across your firm, your sector, or your supply chain.
  • Evaluation on how emerging technologies—processes or materials—will impact the environmental performance of your company.
  • Benchmarking performance and develop efficient and effective environmental standards
  • Communication of environmental information to consumers, stakeholders, and supply chain partners

Download the overview handout here [pdf] or visit the website for more information about LEAP at leap.mit.edu

In partnership with the MIT Materials Systems Laboratory. Current LEAP Members: Chiquita, NEMA, GM, ASICS, EDF, Lockheed Martin