Sustainability Publications & Thesis



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Supervised Student Thesis

Doctoral Theses

Velázquez-Martinez, Josué C., “Implementation of Carbon Footprint in the PIDRP Using a Multi-objective Optimization Approach,” expected June 2013. (Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, CEM)

Craig, Anthony J., “A Decentralized Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Measuring Supply Chain Carbon Efficiency,” expected June 2012. (ESD, co-supervised with Prof. Yossi Sheffi)

M.Sc. Thesis

Zampieri, Filippo, “The Impact of Third Party Logistics in Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies,” December 2010. (IST, co-supervised with Prof. Ana Póvoa)

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Tan, Kwan Chong, “Stimulating Carbon Efficient Supply Chains: Carbon Labels and Voluntary Public Private Partnerships,” June 2009. (ESD Technology and Public Policy)

M.Eng. Thesis

Keane, Emily and Mulvey, Erin, “Design of a Scalable Reusable Carton Packaging Program for Office Supplies at MIT,” June 2011.

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